How my fishing story began!

Sheldon Shepard fishing in beautiful Alaska
In the beginning.......there was fish!

I have to say that credit needs to be given to my grandfather (pictured fishing in Alaska) for the fishing tradition that has left my family with a true gift of nature that will continue on through the generations. He was a wonderful grandfather, fisherman, and friend, and without him teaching my father how to fish, my father may have never taught me how to fish. But alas, here we are, all fisherman! My father continued the tradition and taught me the most important golden rule of fishing with your father.......your father will always outfish you.

Since I have fished practically my whole life, I have also been around fishing tackle. Vintage or not, my appreciation for tackle began at a very young age. I remember going to NFLCC tackle shows and searching tirelessly for that little ABU lure or reel that caught my attention. The best part was being so young everybody literally handed you tackle. Oh how times have changed, haha!

Needless to say, collecting fishing tackle has captivated me to no end. It is a wonderful hobby with wonderful people. I want to thank everyone who has taught, guided, and inspired me with my collection. When I can't be on a river, digging through an old tackle box at a garage sale will do until my next fishing trip. I hope you enjoy my webpage filled with tackle. Fish on!